Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cheating artistic license

I recently returned from Chicago. Modern day Chicago. A city I'd never been to before but which I converted into a futuristic dystopian city for my own convenience to write Smitten Image. I cheated. Because writing about a place you know and have spent time in honors the truth of your story. Even if you convert it. Chicago was not what I imagined, therefore what I imagined to write Chicago in a futuristic dystopian setting did not ring true. I can't even pretend it was artistic license.

Now I have a sense of Chicago, a beautiful city for the most part. As cities go. My daughter and I spent a day walking the shore to a bird sanctuary. Very cool. Right there in the heart of urban madness. But the skyscrapers pinned to the sky make it hard to breath. They squeeze, quite literally. The L-train is a constant sound like wind blowing somewhere. My mind made it into wind so I could sleep. Riding the "L" was an experience, not frightening, but not comfortable for one who has an inner ear disease to make her vertically challenged. Underground on the "L"... well, the less said about that the better.

Home now in Montana I do not regret my trip. I had reason to be frightened though I never saw any  disturbing behavior that scared me. The beggars are disturbing. I was told not to meet their eyes. I was told not to give them money. They got my compassion, nothing more.

I came home to so much, with my home, my garden, my view of the mountains, my dogs, my Montana life. I came home ignorant, with no comprehension of why people choose to live in cities. I did not learn or understand what is there that anchors them.


Monday, December 16, 2013

What superhero am I?

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Psychologically tweaked by Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects!

Sharp ObjectsSharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you want a thriller, with some fantastic writing with no cliche's, just gutsy, frail and often intolerable characters you will love this book. It's my first Gillian Flynn book and the fantastic word usage drew me in, then I just got caught in the dysfunctional of this girl, her wacked family and the town she never wanted to come back to. And as good as I am at presupposing book endings... not with this one. I mean, yeah, figured the bad guy, but the twisted, sickness that created this person, man, intense! So I will read Gillian Flynn again. But I need some hard core fantasy for awhile to take the edge of this psychologically tweaked thrill ride.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Christmas in July Blog Hop! Presents galore!!

BWS tips buttonWelcome to Wacky, Whimsical and Way Off Planet. I'm Pam Morris with a B. Thanks for joining in on a Blog Hop to remember, 'cause it's Christmas in July and there's plenty of gifts to open!

The rules? If you want to enter the Grand Prize drawing for 1)a $100 Amazon gift card or 2)a $25 Amazon gift card, you need to leave comments, your name and email address on the Blog Hop pages. Easy as ripping off wrapping paper!

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I'm adding my own drawing for an autographed paperback of the #1 Amazon bestselling futuristic fantasy, Smitten Image. 

In high-speed, high-tech New Chicago, 2039, magic has gone viral. Lily Barnett, a brilliant but drifty artist wanders into a strange magic shop where she impulsively guzzles a love potion. Erratic and unpredictable powers awake inside her. Her houseplants turn ravenous and strings of flamingo lights spout poetry. When she paints a portrait of her perfect man, he steps free of the canvas and stalks her.

Desperate, she turns to her best friend, Daniel, for help.
But Daniel has problems of his own. He’s a telepath who must shield thoughts, emotions, and desires or go mad. He wants Lily, desperately, but knows his passion will drive her away and that his friendship is of more value to her than his love.

As Lily negotiates the catastrophic blends of her fear, imagination, and chaotic magic, Daniel must fight against his own impenetrable reserve and the psychic gifts he’s always despised.

Magic and love might save them, but can they survive each other?

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And for your reading pleasure...

A Night Mare for Christmas

Shay beat me bein’ born by a lickity split. Made her the eldest, tho, so when we turned fourteen this past November, Mams made her step up to be hired out. I’da gone. I wanted to, Shay din’t. Paps wanted a talkin’ it through, but Mams’s thinkin’ was, workin’ in the world’d go a’ways to help Shay steppin’ into the grow’d up life.
I held Shay when she cried in our bed the night before she was to go. Off to Miz Reardon who had seven young un’s. Like Shay’d be any use keeping her husband off’n her long enough to stop bearing for a year or two. ‘Tis what I feared, that Tubbin Reardon’d be all over Shay within a month, knockin’ her up, disgracin’ our family name. ‘Twas what Paps feared too, I see’d it in the pulsin’ on his temple and the grim-grind of his jaw. He and Tubbin lived a fierce fued ‘tween ‘em. Had since they’s kids.
Shay cried.
I say’d to her. “I be there, twin. Skalkin’ ya. Heppin’ if you outside with the hauling and laundry and such. I be your shadow. Won’t let Miz Reardon see me, nor Tubbin neither. I coddle the kidlins, let ‘em be thinking I made a fairy dust.”
Shay snorted a bubbly laugh. See, being the second, I was birthed tiny. Got me some short stubbly legs and long, long arms. I knowed my arms growed xtra long cause I had ‘em close tight around Shay while we gested inside Mams belly waitin’ to be birthed. Since I’m a runtling, Shay dubbed me fairy, let me live to that singular notion. Dresses me the part, duded up in cast off finery we scavenge from the big houses, then she cobbles them apart and back together all new. Beaut’ful makin’s, Shay does. With needle, thread, a bit ‘o lace and pretend shinola.
Shay’s carryin’ on sobs brought Mams to our room.
“T’won’t be s’bad,” Mams shushes and rubs Shay’s curled over back. “You’re good with little ‘uns and Miz Reardon will be ever so grateful for the help. She’ll respect and treat ya fine and dandy.”
Shay just sniffled the more.
Paps come in too, and gentle like moved Mams out the door before he sits himself down next to Shay. “I’ll come for to walk you home ev’ry evenin’, Shay girl. If’n that Tubbin so much as brushes your hair with his filth paw, I kill him. Or send the Night Mare after him when he’s astumblin’ home drunk from the pub a night.”
I thinks that’ll sooth Shay some, reassurance that Paps’ll be there a waitin’ her to come out Reardon’s gate every night. But Shay falls to skittly-bits at his words. Paps face melts into a powerful sadness and he ups and leaves us too.
Shay reaches round me as I squeezes her harder. Her face tucks into my neck and I hears her speakin’ whisper-words.
“Jules, oh sweet Jules. I ain’t fearin’ Mister Reardon. I got Paps old pig sticker if that rutting boar comes to maul me. It’s the Night Mare I fear, to my very soul. We see’d it that once, comin’ home late from Hatfield’s orchard. ‘Member?"
Weren’t like to ever forget that night. Fogged it was, making the rough fields look like rolled up clouds of dark ick as Shay an’ I stumbles over the plowed furrows, our aprons abulge with pears we pilfered with no permission. We’d hear’d the soft hoof sounds, thought it was milch cows. I was singing our itty-bitty song…

“Two twitchy bitches enjoyin’ the rest,
A’takin our time in Mam’s womby nest
‘Till out we pops birthed, first one then the next,
Paps takes a lookie and yelps, ‘We’s hexed!’

Mams hangs in fine, spite bustin’ us loose,
‘A beauty and  a beast,’ Paps moans ’n hits the juice.
When he sobers up, Mams got us to breast,
Lovin’ us both and we knows the rest!

Now Paps’ lovin’ his Shay, even his Jules,
And smart’s up to fight if’n—“

Then all sudden outa the gloamy mist rears up a monster big horse, black as pitchy mud with eyes a-brim with spite, nose snorting fiery and teeth snap, snap, snappin’ at us. Shay and me, we runs…

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My first dip into YA's John Green, Looking for Alaska

Looking for AlaskaLooking for Alaska by John Green

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I hadn't read John Green yet and so wanted this to be a mind boggling work. I loved it, the characters are fun, the setting fun, the mood fun. But it did not stand out to me, sadly. I knew what would happen from the start of the countdown, not specifically, but that was a give away. At the same time I admire him for trying a new foreshadowing style. I will read more of his books because I liked his writing style very much, but wanting to write that take-teen-readership-by-storm book myself, I found myself disappointed. Totally loved Pudge's obsession with the last words of famous people though!

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Friday, July 5, 2013

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Once a Duchess (Crimson Romance)
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The Abolitionist's Secret (Crimson Romance)
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California Sunset (Crimson Romance) The Viscount's Pleasure House (Crimson Romance) Prelude to a Seduction (Crimson Romance) Charmed (Crimson Romance)
California Sunset (Crimson Romance)
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Infamous (Crimson Romance) Love, Eternally (Crimson Romance) The Bull Rider's Brother (Crimson Romance) Small Town Secrets (Crimson Romance)
Infamous (Crimson Romance)
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Unbound (Crimson Romance) A Place to Rest My Heart (Crimson Romance) The Name of the Game (Crimson Romance) The Heart You Own (Crimson Romance)
Unbound (Crimson Romance)
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A Place to Rest My Heart (Crimson Romance)
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As If You Never Left Me (Crimson Romance) Strangers in the Night (Crimson Romance) Numbers Never Lie (Crimson Romance) Soul Seducer (Crimson Romance)
As If You Never Left Me (Crimson Romance)
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Strangers in the Night (Crimson Romance)
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Numbers Never Lie (Crimson Romance)
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Soul Seducer (Crimson Romance)
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The Wanting Heart (Crimson Romance) Of Eternal Life (Crimson Romance) Angel Bait (Crimson Romance) Smitten Image (Crimson Romance)
The Wanting Heart (Crimson Romance)
by Rionna Morgan
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Of Eternal Life (Crimson Romance)
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Angel Bait (Crimson Romance)
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Smitten Image (Crimson Romance)
by Pam B. Morris
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