Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lovin' the phobias

I do not suffer from Phobophobia -fear of phobias.  I like my phobias.  More emphatically, I LOVE my phobias. I carry them with me everywhere like a chia pet or an invisible friend who I know will never desert me. (Monophobia- fear of being alone.) I can count on them to make themselves known in times of need. This in turn allows me to adjust any of the flapping straps or unraveling threads that hold me together. (Which is the opposite of Merinthophobia- fear of being bound or tied up.)

I have no fear of sun, Heliophobia, named after Helios, the Greek god of the sun. (Although I will admit to an ambiguous relationship with Theophobia- fear of gods or religion). So when we finally blink and it is truly summer, I'll enjoy chucking these phobias that have, this endless winter, given me Phantomophobia-fear of being haunted...

Fear of rain or of being rained on- Ombrophobia
Fear of clouds- Nephophobia
Fear of wet socks- Pedisquishaphobia
Fear of liquid  passing through membranes- Osmosisaphobia
Fear of flying windshield wipers- Wapflapaphobia
Fear of waves or wave like motions- Kymophobia
Fear of brain freeze- Icedcerebralphobia
Fear of droplets on eyeglasses- Refractaphobia
Fear of hydroplaning- Skidabunchophobia
Fear of voids or empty spaces in the head- Cretinophobia
Fear of wind; blowing, bustling or breaking- Riponelooseaphobia

And last but not least, I'm 'afraid'… fear of gaining weight- Pocrescophobia and fear of more than one chin -Geniophobia!

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