Monday, January 14, 2013


First blog of 2013... what the blue blazes have I been doing instead? Writing (just not here), skiing some, coughing, reading...  same old, same old. But an hour or so from now, January 15th, is Smitten Image's big day on Amazon. The Daily Deal, $.99 day where my little book will be the price of a candy bar, half the price of a latte, about thirty seven minutes worth of meter parking downtown and in my bad ass, ski instructor days, the cost of a can of chew. (Yeah, I chewed... didn't spit, so gross and it messed up the pristine beauty of white snow.)

$.99 day for the e-book of Smitten Image, futuristic fantasy fun that is Lily and Daniel's story, the artist who drinks a love potion and paints her perfect men who stalk her, the telepath who can't let anyone too close or he'll go mad. Yep, my two love birds hit the big time. Maybe...

Trying to understand how one's novel is selling on-line is like playing craps. Or jacks or deciphering code. But tonight, and it's 11:00 p.m., Smitten Image is ranked 155, 041 in the convoluted, algorithmic, ether-market that is Amazon books. Tomorrow, a different story, I hope. I would love to sell a million copies at $.99. I'd love to give it away for free if I knew people were reading it, giggling, falling in love with the characters and the fantastical futuristic world of magic. Because I may have written this book because it's one I'd fall for, but as I learned being an artist, value in the Real World is created by how many souls like it. And buy it.

So tomorrow, I'll be pushing my little book as if I were a pharmaceutical rep, a crack dealer, a pimp. And I'll probably get bad "street cred" and people will cry me 'wolf' for a spamming, self-serving self-promoter...

Tomorrow, I'm likely to be misbehavin' out in cyber world. So you better cuff me now.


  1. What age is this book for?

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Jennifer. This is an adult paranormal romance, sorry, should have made that clear. The level is sensual. But it's funny!! Have a great day, I'm gonna!

  2. Replies
    1. My stomach is all nervousy now! And I'm supposed to log my blood pressure... not today, doc!!