Sunday, May 19, 2013

An experiment in frustration....

Okay, we romance authors who first published almost a year ago with Crimson Romance are about to launch our anniversary celebratory Blog Hop. So, because I am a geek/nerd, I set out to create a badge that I can copy anywhere that will link to the main page of our Blog Hop. Easier said than even attempted!

So here I am now, I've learned a bit of HTML code, just enough to imbed a URL link to a website into an image by searching on Dogpile, my new favorite search engine, to find a quick fix. EZ-PZ. Now I'm back where I started. How do I copy this single image, with embedded URL address on FB or TWITTER or wherever I want?

Mission Impossible? BWA HA! I shall persevere... I'm now off to copy, paste and see if it works.

Damn... foiled. Followed the directions correctly on my cheat... check!  Perhaps update... check. Ah, I must publish... check!

It works, if you click this image it will indeed take you where I want you to go. As for getting it onto a Facebook site... that's for another day. I'm going for a smothering load of Hershey's Kisses, like, now!

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