Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Piling up like nature intended, we are finally surrounded by white, perfect snow. There is a winter! I often reflect... and sympathize with the meteorologists who work on our local television stations. The poor sods get it wrong so often, and yeah, we see the map laid out in scientific grids, high pressure, low pressure, which is predominate, colored radar splashes. It is a science, I get that. But Ma Nature is gonna do Her thing, which is the essential fact, science be danged. But are we paying attention? Does everyone understand that the temperature of the ocean directly affects the weather? OUR weather! I watched the Disney movie "Oceans" the other day while I knit wool socks. The cinematography is mind blowing! That mysterious underwater universe is one we've barely explored, hardly understand. Us Inlanders think nothing of the ocean in our daily mind-meanderings. We should.

And so surrounded by snow today, falling, drifting, fluffing doves, finches and chickadees to unusual proportions, I'm thinking of orcas and dolphins and humpbacked whales singing. They're the cousins I long to meet, breathing the air I breath. And when the snow melts, runs into the creeks and rivers and finally the amazing ocean... it's the same H2O molecules collecting on the shaggy birch tree outside my window! How cool is that?!

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