Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The "D" word

It's February and that means the month of "D" words comes to pass like the Ides of an ill wind. Words like Depressed, Droll, Dank, Deflated, Dark, Daunting... oh, man, could I go on. In sentences they sound less Dire. (Or maybe not...)

Even on Prozac I am Depressed, how Droll is that? With the days so gray and Dark and the weather not wintery chill, but Dankly Damp, I feel Deflated, Defeated and Dare I say, Despairing? But that is February for me. I remember noting some February's that tempers fray at the snap of a finger, kids mouth-off more, Detention Doubles and newspapers carry more stories of stabbings, literal, or just the plain old stabs in the back. Futility seems to be the sluggish (v/s running) theme. Deficit, Economic Decline, Debates... (I would feel less "D" overall if there were less Debates this month!!)

But spring, though not in a certain Pennsylvania groundhog's line of sight and certainly not nearly 'sprung', is in the offing. If we can gather around the hurrah's of more optimistic "D" words, like Dawn, Defiant, Determined, Dapper, Decided and Delirious (...which could go on either list, I guess) we shall prevail. Because Dawn's with sunshine Daily are on the horizon, making me feel a little more Dapper and Determined about Deciding to Defiantly survive another February. And if we get some real winter, I will Deliriously pursue Dancing Dervishes in powder snow with Jack Frost nipping at my nose (which he didn't do at Christmas, being on sabbatical.)

So here's to putting a big X through the month of February, except for Valentine's Day (wait, I don't recall a single one fulfilling my Deepest Desires, Depressing in itself) and Valentine's Day really only has the color red, balloons and candy going for it.

Wait, I'm feeling less Depressed... only four Days of Demoralized wallowing until I can Devour chocolate without Detriment to my Diet! Now I'm Delighted.

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