Sunday, April 8, 2012

Building fence and other stuff...

Easter Sunday we built a fence. Actually not in one day. It takes post holes dug, posts bought or found, posts pounded, cross pieces built, all before we stretched the sheep fence wire. Takes a lot of blood, from dozens of small cuts to the hands and wrists. Makes the hands ache and then shake later from squeezing pliers hundreds of times to close clasps. Not a "hey, let's have some fun today" project. But satisfying. And something better done in the spring after a few days of rain to make the soil soft, especially when you live on top of glacial till. Hundreds of feet of gravel left millions of years ago and topped with a couple feet of precious topsoil. Kinda puts things in perspective on an Easter Sunday, building fence does. It's not church, but it's of the earth, part of building a life, a home, a satisfied place for a heart to settle on.

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