Friday, June 15, 2012

Shinin' On My Phobias

With the arrival of summer, at last, comes a cornucopia of phobias, both old and new. In the admission that yes, I do suffer phobias, I am fighting my instinctive Phobophobia (fear of phobias) and keeping my spirit on alert. You may want to watch for signs of suffering near you this season:

1.     Aerophobia (fear of swallowing airborne toxins)

2.     Nudoknotta-phobia (fear of string bikinis)

3.     Aphiddaphobia (fear of aphids)

4.     Ashiva-phobia (fear of air conditioning)

5.     Chiroptaphobia (fear of bats)

6.     Asplasha-phobia (fear of mermaids)

7.     Dermaslasha-phobia (fear of shaving legs)

8.     Ompholamucha-phobia (fear of belly button rings)

9.     Slatha-phobia (fear of sunscreen)

10.   Kosmikophobia (fear of cosmic phenomenon)

11.   Blennophobia (fear of slime)

12.   Havtagoa-phobia (fear of stopping play in order to pee)

13.   Sloppa-phobia (fear of dripping ketchup)

14.   Exposa-phobia (fear of falling out of swimsuits)

15.   Grossamundo-phobia (fear of older men in thongs)

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