Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Having yet another one of those "off" days. Guess it's to be expected, Maurice Sendak died yesterday. Oh, and so did my Dad. Not that my Dad's passing is a footnote. Today it doesn't seem huge and dark and sad... but tomorrow? I'll suffer tomorrow and the next day. And feel sorrow for the rest of my life.

Curses on the "footnotes" of our lives, the nigglings, those scaly-wag happenings that stick onto us like lint.  They bunch up at times, pricking us like burrs under a saddle. I guess that's why I'm bucking like a bronc today. Squealing at the rake of niggling spurs. I'm fighting to stir some humor into my pot. Even gumption would be a step up.

But, having an "off" day... guess it's to be expected.

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