Thursday, May 10, 2012

Speaking of Curses!

Curse of the Wolf, a paranormal romance by Danica Winters was released yesterday. Awesome, awesome concept and a fun, out of this world read! Kudos to you, Danica! (I approve this add for this book!!)

I'm not a joiner, but one day my son said, "Aw, just get your hands out of the dirt, Mom (I was gardening) and go to this meeting of writers." And I hemmed, see-sawed. But did. There I met Rio/Rach, known to the writing world as Rionna Morgan. And my life changed. One moment with a niggle I might have ignored, but didn't. The Midnight Writers, we came to call ourselves, a very diverse, very intelligent group of the most amazingly creative women. For three years I had them in my life once a week. Wrote a whole novel with them. Then I moved.

Alone again, naturally. Until another Rio/Rach miracle happened. She moved to Missoula, 25 miles from me. We started the Montana Romance Writers chapter... a very long process... but once again I'm part of a group of incredible, brilliant, creative women scattered across Montana!

And now I have my critique group, six women so different from each other I'm not sure how we melded! Seriously! And Danica joined us last spring. She is the most awesome, supportive, loving person... like my goddess Rio/Rach, in that way. And extremely giving to the creative process. As we all are. Here's to we of the PARCCH critique group!

And congratulations, Danica! I love you to pieces.

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