Monday, May 14, 2012

Snappin' the G-string!

I have a knot the size of Alaska in my gut today. I need to blog more, be more interesting, assertive. Demand a commanding presence... (yeah, that's about as likely as me wearing a G-string)! But it's the nature of this new business, the social networking of being a writer.

So I'm snapping the metaphorical G-string about thirty times a day. Hence the knot in my stomach. I'm not keeping up. My computer gets a kick out of crashing. (It's giggling right now... blast and tarnation, a crash is eminent!) I don't feel witty or charming or in any way commanding. Yet, I must blog. I must follow other blogs. I must "like" everyone (which is the most fun I've had during this transitioning process).

I must assert myself, become a living, breathing presence on the web... Snap! I must remember that I'm clever and funny most days...Snap! I must remember I love to write fiction. And blogs... Snap! And today, I must write an obituary for my Dad... Snap! (Frankly, Dad-who's-up-in-heaven, I'd rather be spanked.) Snap!

Holy crap... now my behind is scored, sore and in need of a hike. Snap!

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